Southern Cross Easy Claim

What is Southern Cross Health Society Easy-claim?

Easy-claim is a process which aims to simplify claiming for Southern Cross Health Society members.

Currently, members need to fill in a Southern Cross claim form to be reimbursed for services they have received (according to benefits they have in their policy and eligibility criteria). These forms are then processed and paid - it can be a be time-consuming and lengthy process.

In conjunction with Toniq Limited, Southern Cross delivers a solution which provides an electronic and easy process for Southern Cross members to claim for their prescription items (hence the name 'Easy-claim').

With Easy-claim, when Southern Cross members use certain services (eg. obtaining medication from Glenns Pharmacy), by presenting their Member Card, Glenns Pharmacy will be able to send a claim electronically to Southern Cross, on the members behalf, and have it paid while they wait (depending on their eligibility to claim for the service involved).

This means the claim they would normally receive from Southern Cross is paid directly to Glenns Pharmacy, and the Southern Cross member is only required to pay the remaining balance (if there is any amount remaining).

Southern Cross Healthy Society is the first insurer in New Zealand to launch electronic pharmacy claiming to its members.


What are the key benefits?

  • Southern Cross members can claim for prescriptions at the time of purchase
  • No claim forms, member is not 'out of pocket' for eligible claims
  • The claim can be processed immediately in most circumstances and the health provider will be paid directly by Southern Cross if the claim was approved (cashless process)

What does this mean for Southern Cross members?

  • Simple and efficient claiming at the time of purchase
  • Hassle free electronic claiming - no manual claims to submit
  • Southern Cross members can take advantage of a benefit that they may have forgotten to claim for in the past
  • Increases the visibility of their policy (and benefits) and the value it adds to their daily lives

Bring your card in today and we'll enter your details to make claiming easy. 

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